Sunno Lage Buk Lyrics – Asif Akbar

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Sunno Lage Buk Lyrics sung by Asif Akbar. Sunno Lage Buk Song written by Proshenjit Mondal & Composed by Brilliant Musfiq Litu .The video directed by Soumitra Ghose Emon & performed by Asif Akbar & Salha Khanoom Nadia. Sunno Lage Buk Lyrics download. Sunno Lage Buk meaning in bengali. Sunno Lage Buk gaana lyrics in bengali.

Sunno Lage Buk Song Lyrics

Song Teaser
Full song After Releasing

Credits :-
Song : Sunno Lage Buk
Singer : Asif Akbar 
Lyrics : Proshenjit Mondal
Music : Musfiq Litu
Cast : Asif Akbar & Salha Khanoom Nadia
Director : Soumitra Ghose Emon
Label : Dp Music Station
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