Top 5 Best Personal Loan Apps In USA 2022

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best instant personal loan apps in united states – Many Americans are financially unprepared for unexpected expenses: 35% would have difficulty covering a sudden $400 expense, according to a 2020 Federal Reserve report.

To help you find one that might be right for your situation, compare our picks for the 5 best apps that lend money.

Best personal loan apps in usa

in Usa Have many apps that provide instant personal loan. but don’t worry now i tell you abbout top 5 best app with have low interest rate, so now let’s see list of apps

  1. Earnin
  2. Dave
  3. Brigit
  4. Money Lion
  5. PayActiv

Now We will discuss about all app in full details and also we provide that witch app perfect for you

Eanin Loap App

Earnin is an app that gives you access to the pay you’ve earned – when you want it. Get paid for the hours you’ve worked without waiting for payday.

Earnin is one of the best loan apps in the USA and it gives freedom to those who live on paycheck to receive loans. Workers with bank accounts can obtain loans from this app with ease. All you have to do is to install the app and register with it. It will ask for your bank details, to verify the details you submitted. And when you receive your monthly payments.
When your monthly pay arrives, Earnin automatically debits the amount you borrowed. One good thing about the app is the absence of fees. For a start, you can borrow up to $100. But as you continue to use the app the amount you get to borrow rises.

Dave Loan App

Get a cash advance up to $500. Bank, budget, build credit, and find work. Join more than 10 million members building a better financial future with Dave!

The fast-growing West Hollywood financial app Dave offers cash advances and asks for express fees and monetary tips from users.
To get other features of the app you have to install it. However, it’s not entirely free. The app charges users monthly. But, nevertheless, it is one of the best loan apps in the USA.

Brigit Loan App

The Brigit Credit Builder product is separate from the Instant Cash Advance service. Brigit Credit Builder installment loans are issued by Coastal Community

Get up to a $250* instant cash advance with Brigit. Build credit, save money, get credit score insights, start budgeting smarter & avoid overdraft fees
Brigit is an app that builds financial health by offering members budgeting tools, automated alerts, interest-free cash advances

Money Lion Loan App

MoneyLion | 20771 followers on LinkedIn. America’s most powerful financial membership. Borrow, save, invest, and earn – all in one app.

This is Another loan app in the USA that gives you an advance fund before your payday is MoneyLion. The app helps you get small loans within the months. With the MoneyLion account, you get to enjoy the app’s inst cash. Where you get to request a loan at any time. You can request loans of up to $250 or more depending on your eligibility. And there is no interest of fee attached.

Also with MoneyLion, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee like the others. However, you will be charged for an instant cash transfer fee. But this fee can be avoided if you can wait patiently for the fund to arrive in a few days. The Money Lion app has other amazing features you can try.

PayActiv Loan App

Payactiv offers a digital wallet and financial management app where you easily access the money you’ve already earned and build savings from every paycheck.


In case of any emergency, no more problem with just your phone and a healthy internet connection, you can get that amount you need before your paycheck arrives. If you find this post informative, share it with other people on social media. And leave a comment in the comment box before if you think I left out ant app.

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